Thanks to all who helped make TDL's second tournament of this academic year a big success! Most of all, thanks to our great competitors how have blown us away with their level of achievement since the first tournament! You are all to be commended, keep up the great work.

Congratulations to our award winners for the first and second tournaments (however belatedly to the first group). As a judge, I know how difficult it was choosing these among so many impressive performances.

Tournament One, October 2019

  • 1st: Eli Edds, Riverside HS
  • 2nd: Eva Egeghy, Riverside HS
  • 3rd: Ben Patton, Riverside HS
  • 4th: Jackson Dewitt, Jordan HS
  • 5th: Grady Depree-Isaac, Jordan HS
  • 6th: Malcolm Aaron, Southern HS

Tournament Two, December 2019

  • 1st: Eva Egeghy, Riverside HS
  • 2nd: Eli Edds, Riverside HS
  • 3rd: Sonia Green, Hillside HS
  • 4th (tie): Eddie Fullenkamp, Riverside HS
  • 4th (tie): Ben Patton, Riverside HS
  • 6th: Aiden Ehemann, Riverside HS