Mentor Training Module

All mentors must complete this training module before interacting with TDL students.  You should have received login credentials for the testing platform (used to certify the completion of your training). If you have not, please see your school's TDL administrator or contact

Step 1: Download and read the 2019 TDL Mentor Code of Conduct. If you have any questions, direct them to your TDL representative or

Step 2: Watch TDL's 2019-20 Mentor Training Video in its entirety.  You may pause the video at any time, back it up, or re-watch.   If you have any questions, direct them to

Step 3: Complete the TDL Mentor Certification Quiz.

  • Login to TDL's testing platform ( by clicking on the button on the right
  • If you have not yet received your login credentials for ClassMark, contact your TDL administrator at
  • Check the "Stay Logged In" checkbox when you log in and the site will remember your credentials.
  • Once logged in you should see that you have been assigned the TDL Mentor Certification Quiz.  You must complete the quiz in one sitting, but there is no time limit.
  • If you receive a passing score, Congratulations! Welcome to the team!  If not, review the content above and retake the test until you master the content.

Step 4: Complete the Mentor Commitment Form  on right to indicate your capacity and commitment to volunteeer.