Early next week, we will post the docket for our third tournament, tentatively scheduled for February 5. While practice sessions will be winding down soon, as our university coaches head into finals, we encourage you to do some research over the break so you can hit the ground running as practices resume after the holiday break. -Try out new arguments as you impress your family and friends with your knowledge of current events.

To facilitate this, we hope to have a lively discussion on the Student Forum during the holiday break. Once the new docket is posted, we will have coaches and mentors initiating discussions on the new bills, sharing research and monitoring your responses. There are already discussion threads on which students can introduce themselves and propose new topics (bills) for future tournaments. Please encourage your students and teammates to begin monitoring and participating in this discussion forum. We believe this will make our practice sessions and tournaments more productive and rewarding.

If any of your students or teammates have not set up their web accounts, please encourage them to do so. They should enter triangledebate.com in their browser and click on Register. Once they have received the email allowing them to set their password and login for the first time, they should complete the Role Request Form at the bottom of the initial login page (accessible from the MyTDL menu item). They should enter "Student" in the Requested Role field along with their name, email address, and school. This will give them access to all the student resources, including the Student Forum

Any questions or issues on or with this process should be directed to admin@triangledebate.com.