TDL Summer Camp Registration 2022

In order to register, you must complete the following three steps. While we will attempt to accommodate all registrations, you should complete these steps by July 8th to ensure that you will have a spot in the camp.

1. Complete the TDL 2022 Debate Camp Registration Form embedded below. Don’t forget to hit “Submit”!. 2. Have your parent or legal guardian complete the TDL 2022 Debate Camp Authorization Form embedded below. Parents/Guardians: by completing this form you will afford your child the opportunity to participate in this free educational opportunity! While the Triangle Debate League is committed to providing a safe, educational, and affirming experience for our students, by signing, you agree to hold the Triangle Debate League and its partners harmless for any inadvertent harm that may result from participating in this camp. Don’t forget to hit “Submit”! 3. IMPORTANT: If you have not already created a student account on the website, you may do so by completing the form at Students who were registered on the TDL website last season can use their existing accounts. After your registration is complete, you will have access to the TDL Summer Debate Camp portal, accessible from the main menu of the website (at As the date approaches, you will be receiving further information on preparing for and attending the virtual camp in the email provided. See you in July! For more information, email your questions to