TDL Summer Debate Camp 2020!

 Thank you for your interest in the Triangle Debate League (TDL) Virtual Summer Camp! We will be offering a weeklong program between July 13-17, full of live and interactive debate coaching sessions, which culminates in an optional mock session of Congress in which student congresspersons will hone their newly acquired skills debating bills (legislation) on important contemporary issues. The camp is free of charge, can be attended from the comfort and safety of your home, and is open to students who have a faculty sponsor and the permission of their parent or guardian.

Participating in debate has been shown to improve test scores, graduation rates, college admission rates, attendance rates and overall academic performance. Debate teaches the skills of public speaking, critical analysis, research and current event engagement. Most of all it is fun and rewarding to be able to express your informed views on the important issues of our time.

Students must be able to spend 4 hours a day in structured, interactive online activities between Monday, July 13 and Friday, July 17. In addition students will need to devote additional time independently working independently on rhetorical skills and on researching and writing speeches for and against the bills (legislation) that we will be debating. 

For more information, email your questions to